Pair of wolves harvested on Dec 17 - 2015, both taken in Alberta Powersnares with econo Magnum Stinger Kill Springs TM by Darren Cook of SW Alberta. Both wolves were taken low on the neck and the Magnum Stingers put both animals down with absolute minimal struggle. Any spring powered snare can put down a snared animal taken high on the neck with relative ease, but it is those taken low on the neck that are harvested cleanly that demonstrate a devices true ability as

a humane snare device. Weak, poorly designed compression springs and such spring lock combinations are a poor choice when it comes to delivering true humane dispatch on animals that are taken in a less than ideal circumstances. The Stinger Kill Spring TM and Magnum Stinger Kill Spring TM are true torsion springs and are much more strong  and  far more efficient than the coily compression springs of yester-year.

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