Ready Made Replacement Snares

Ready Made Replacement Snares

Though not currently shown on our product pages, we do sell snares. Please contact us by phone or email to order snares.

We recommend a two piece snare, comprised of a 5' or 6' Alberta/Senneker Powersnare and a 5' or 7' extension cable, fitted with a swivel. Snares and extension cables are sold separately. All snares come with your choice of spring, snare lock, and are complete with the Senneker Powersnare Trigger. A setting tool is required to use our snare/system.

All snares built by Canadian Coyote Company will be made with a premium grade cable which is extremely tough and able to do the job, regardless of your quarry. 


Snare Pricing

Deluxe Original Stinger Kill Spring Snares  $ 60.00 per Dozen

Economy Stinger Kill Spring Snares  $  54.00 per Dozen

Deluxe Magnum Stinger Kill Spring Snares  $ 62.00 per Dozen

Economy Magnum Stinger Kill Spring Snare  $  56.00 per Dozen


Snare Extension Cables:

 3/32" 7x7 Extension w Swivel x 5' -   $ 30.00 per Dozen

3/32" 7x7 Extension w Swivel x 7' -   $ 30.00 per Dozen

1/8" 7x7 Extension w Swivel x 5'  -  $ 35.00 per Dozen

1/8" 7x7 Extension w Swivel x 7' -  $ 35.00 per Dozen


*** Do note: With our two piece snare system, you simply change out the replacement snare after each catch!  You do not have to change out the whole snare and drag snare ends home to be rebuilt A quick action of tying a replacement snare onto your extension cable and your snare location is back to 100% efficiency. To our way of thinking, the Wolf Duty #9 Galvanized Snare Swivel simply provides the user with an efficient, solid replacement snare tie off point. Animals are harvested so quickly that the functionality of the swivel is redundant, compared to the archaic systems of yester-year.