Alberta Powersnare w #22 Magnum Deluxe Stinger - COYOTE

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Alberta Powersnare w #22 Magnum Stinger - Coyote -  The middle-weight of the Stinger Kill Spring line, like the #33 Supermagnum the #22 Magnum Stinger was designed for wolf but was initially tested by Senneker on coyotes. At the time he was immediately enamoured with this device and immediately discontinued use of the #11 spring except in specific circumstances and use the #22 Magnum exclusively for coyote.  Many trappers to this day choose the #22 Magnum due to their size preference, budget, or other considerations.  The #22 Magnum Stinger Kill Spring remains a very effective size kill spring for Coyote, Wolf, Red Fox, Lynx, Bobcat, Wolverine etc. 

In the dropdown menus please select your desired snare options:

Choose size and length of cable 

Choose Senneker-Shock Lock or Camlock w teeth (Bridger Suregrip Camlock)

Choose breakaway size (BAD)

-  #265 (opens at 165 lbs) 

-  #385 (opens at 240 lbs)

-  #645 (opens at 350 lbs - generally for short snares w/o killspring and/or specialty work)

(tests consistent with work performed in North Dakota and Alberta, #645 tested in ND only)

Sold per Dozen (12) - Replacement snare only, does not come with extension cable.

Snare comes standard with the deluxe #22 SMagnum Stinger Kill Spring, Senneker Powersnare Trigger and a steel-wire Wammy,  Please call in if you desire a plastic tubing wammy or twist-on support collar instead, at time of order.

 Please double check the snare details in your cart, as some mobile devices reset the options when transferred to the cart. If this happens please call us or type details in the notes on your order so that we are sure to send you the correct snare for your needs. 

We use and recommend a 5' length snare for coyote, comes w large end loop, and we tie the snare to the swivel on a swivelled extension cable that is tree-tied directly or staked.  When tree tying, run the end loop of snare around tree and pass the snare loop thru the end loop to tie.  After making a catch, cut the 5' snare off the swivel of the extension, and tie a new replacement snare onto the swivel and reset the snare in the exact snare location. We use #9 wolf snare swivels as an efficient tie point more so than for swivel function. The Senneker Alberta Powersnare kills quickly, thus elaborate expensive swiveling systems are an inefficient use of time and expensive. The man who knows what he is doing moves fast, in an efficient and effective manner that gets the job done on his quarry and treats his non-target game with the utmost of respect

NEVER TIE SNARES OFF WITH WIRE AS LIVESTOCK AND BIG GAME CAN READILY BREAK WIRE.  Keep your non-targets around long enough for proper BAD to function. 

When positioning trigger during spring compression, set the trigger in the 9 o'clock to 10 o'clock,  See diagram in the photos, is a simple thing, virtual 100% firing rate.

Senneker-Shock Lock has proven sound on coyote, bobcat, lynx, etc

Prior to the invention of the #33 Supermagnum, this was Marty Senneker's #1 choice in a coyote snare and was all he used for coyote and fox, a 5' Senneker-Shock Lock snare w #265 BAD with a 5' extension. Consider using a shorter extension in heavy brush conditions with extreme entanglement.  Some of the highest producing coyote and wolf trappers of today are using this spring/snare combination.

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