BAD 385# S-Hook Breakaway Device

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Senneker-Elite #385 Breakaway – A stout coyote sized breakaway that is popular for use in Eastern Canada/USA on the larger eastern coyote. A good choice for eastern coyote when used with any spring of the Stinger Kill Spring line or it’s copies. Also a very good choice for trappers working 2XL-3XL sized western coyotes on a regular basis, especially if ground tying/anchoring snares vs tying high.

 Opens at an average of 240 lbs.


BAD Update Dec 2022

The Senneker-Elite line of BADs were broke tested in North Dakota in 2015 and again in 2022 at Alberta Innovates and Technology Futures for the Fur Institute of Canada. The 2022 Canadian results were consistent with the results obtained from North Dakota in 2015. The following results are based upon the averages of testing from both jurisdictions.

Senneker- Elite #265 - opens at 165 lbs*

Senneker-Elite #385 - opens at 240 lbs*

Senneker-Elite #645 - opens at 350 lbs* (not tested in Canada)

Senneker-Elite #750 - opens at 440 lbs*

Senneker-Elite #1000 - opens at 600 lbs* (not tested in North Dakota)

* Canadian Coyote Company Ltd does not guarantee the results of the forementioned tests.  The buyer/user of this products does so at his/her/it's own risk and accepts full responsibility for any/all circumstances arising from use of these devices. 

Senneker-Elite Breakaway Devices

The finest line of Breakaway Devices in existence. Currently built in 5 different sizes to accommodate the varying needs and personal touches of each and every trapper.  Though a simple s-hook, these devices have been specifically manufactured for breakaway snare function with quality material and precision/uniformity.  

Please be aware, when using these devices that the kill spring will affect the release point of the BAD as it cushions the BAD. This is a plus on target game but can become a negative on large game and livestock until the spring is fully bottomed out. Because of this fact, use a lighter s-hook BAD when using the torsion spring kill springs than you would without. 

Our Stinger Kill Spring system is designed to work in conjunction with an s-hook breakaway. The s-hook creates a necessary pivot point for the snare lock to function when a kill spring is used.

We highly recommend that a breakaway device is used on all upland snares to reduce/eliminate potential bycatch. 

NEVER TIE SNARES OFF WITH WIRE AS LIVESTOCK AND BIG GAME CAN READILY BREAK WIRE.  Keep your non-targets around long enough for BAD to function. 


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