Black Wolf Fur Mitts - Canadian Expedition Mitts

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Black Wolf Fur Mitts - Canadian Expedition Mitts - Our Full Fur Mitts are just that less the palms. The backs of the mitts including the back
of the thumbs as well as the full cuff of the mitt is all fur, which uses more fur and tho it
increases the cost , it also adds much to the beauty of the item. The palm of the mitts
are made of a thin cowhide that is both lightweight and pliable. These mitts are lined with sheep skin for maximum warmth, which adds to the cost to produce making this an arctic worthy product.

Timber Wolf is also a very abundant canine species of Northern and Western Canada,
in fact so abundant that it is largely responsible for the ongoing destruction of the
Caribou species in many parts of Canada.  Wolf fur is a long hair multi-colour fur which
is not widely used by the fur trade due to high cost of wolf pelts, high cost of dressing as well as high fees associated with trade in this species.  We have a very limited amount of this hard to find fur product.