Bridger #5 Dogless Closed Jaw

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Bridger #5 Dogless Closed Jaw - Bridger Traps has been selling the Bridger #5 Dogless in Australia for the past 5 years. Great success has been achieved on Wild Dogs in the land down under.  They have decided to bring both the closed jaw and laminated offset jaw models here and add them to their product line. The closed jaw makes a great beaver and otter trap, the laminated offset is perfect for wolf, wolverine and cougar. Both models have the baseplate and J-hooks professionally welded along with bubbled jaw tips and are all 4 coiled. An adjustable night latched dogless pan system is incorporated into both models.

 Bridger #5 Dogless Closed Jaw (for beaver and otter)

*7  3/4” Outside Jaw Spread

* 7 1/8” Inside Jaw Spread