Bridger#155 Magnum Bodygrip


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Bridger #155 Bodygripper

  • Target Species: marten, mink, fisher and raccoon.
  • Jaw Spread: 5” x 5”
  • Chain: 14” of #2 TL Chain  (16 total links)
  • Trap ring at end of chain
  • Total Chain Length: 15 ½” including trap ring
  • Weight: 1.083 pounds

    Great trap for marten, mink, fisher and raccoon.
    The Bridger 5X5 double spring trap features a 5" inside jaw spread. This double spring trap is compact and has plenty of spring power. A great size trap for marten, mink, and still large enough for fisher and raccoon. If you have a state law that requires a 5" body grip, this trap will fit your needs. A quality trap at a great price. "Magnum" style jaws. Heat treated springs to prolong spring life.



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