Canadian Tundra Wolf Drag


Don't forget these...

Canadian Tundra DragsA brand new concept in a “Western Plow” style drag. The head is cut from flat sheet with points each turned up, tips sharpened but not hardened. New triangular tip design is more efficient than standard 4 sided pounded points, causing deep dig down faster than ever. 3X-Heavy weight drag, weighing in at 7 lbs. Comes with chain link for ease in chain hook up.

For the trappers working in heavy rock/lava, tips can be hardened by heating red hot and quenching in water fully 2x and a fast dip/quench and slow cooling the third time. 


- Flat stock plasma cut plow style drag. 

-Triangular points mechanically superior to round or four sided point, capable of even stopping your catch in short grass environments.

- Extra long points resist plugging 

- Built to stop any wolf or cougar that walks this planet! Overbuilt to stop any creature imaginable to recover your gear.

- 7 pounds per drag, recommended for use with 12'-15' of USA made #7 chain, also recommended for use with Conners In Line Wolf Shock Spring

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