Caribou 2-S General Skinning Knife


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Caribou 2-S General Skinning Knife - This knife is suitable for all general pelting work from weasels to wolves and is a narrow small pelter with a gradual rounding of the tip.  The blade is 3 3/8" in length by 1/2" width at it's widest part.  Cutting edge is 3 1/4" long with a molded comfort handle. Good for coyote, wolf, fox, lynx, bobcat, raccoon, muskrat, mink, etc. 

Specially designed tools for a special purpose. These knives are made to withstand and last there intended uses. Skinners, pelters and scrapers, fine tools of the trade. All are made from fine surgical stainless steel, and finished with an HRC of 57-58.

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