Caven’s Lures – Canine Force


Don't forget these...

Caven’s Lures – Canine Force - Fox and coyote lure used at dirt hole sets. Don’t spill any of this on your hands or you’ll want to cut them off! Works mighty fine during the early season, but really shines later on due to it’s great calling power.  

Formulated by Tim Caven, Caven lures have been built up over the past 38 years. Tim Caven has proven himself to be a true player to our wild fur industry, making sizeable catches and building his business up into one of the largest and most respectable trapping supply businesses in the world.  Many decades of experimentation have gone into the development of each and every lure that bears the Caven name. We at Canadian Coyote Company Ltd are proud to both carry this mans line of lure and traps, as well as call him friend!


Note: We ship lure, bait, and urine within Canada only.

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