Freedom Brand Sifter


Don't forget these...

Freedom Brand Sifter -  The Freedom Brand Pro Sifter was designed for the trapper who wants to be as efficient as possible when making sets.  This sifter reduces the time spent constructing a set by making the scooping of dirt and sifting process faster.  The two handles, curved scooping surface and heavy duty steel construction make it fast and easy to scoop dirt even in places where the ground is very hard.

The Freedom Brand Pro Sifter is built to last.  It is constructed of 14 gauge steel and 7/8” x 3/8” heavy duty, raised diamond pattern mesh.  The raised diamond pattern mesh shreds sod and dirt clumps to speed up the sifting process.

This is an over-size, heavy -duty/tough sifter that holds a lot of dirt, and with it's convenience handles, is sure to be a trapper favorite among many!

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