Common Neck Snare - Coyote Snares - 3/32" 1x19 Stiff

Snare Lock Type

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Common Neck Snare - Coyote Snares - 3/32" 1x19 Stiff  - The traditional steel self locking snare in 1x19 stiff/rigid cable, holds a superior loop.  Sold per dozen

In the dropdown menus please select your desired snare options.  Please choose from the following:

Length:  42", 48", 5', 7', or 8'

Lock Type: Senneker-Shock Lock, Bridger Camlock with teeth or Micro Lock

Swivel or Large Loop End- Swivel type is heavy duty #9 Wolf Snare Swivel. Please note that with 7x7 cable, one single stop is all that is necessary with #9 Wolf Snare Swivel, however with 1x19 cable we will use two stops due to slick surface of the 1x19 cable. If you desire a small sized staking loop, please notify us at time of order.

Optional 345 lb Breakaway device (Senneker-Elite #645) - single stop is used with s-hook BAD, stop holds up to 3x power in loop compared to in line.  This is a very good choice breakaway for coyote snares w/o torsion style kill springs.

Sold by the dozen

*** Snares may be further customized by requesting different breakaway device, please contact us***


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