Extension Cable 3/32” 7x7


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Extension Cable 3/32”  5’ 7x7 -  Senneker style swivelled extension cable, for coyote, etc, 7’ long, 3/32” 7x7 wire configuration. Swivel is the #9 Wire Galvanized Wolf Swivel. This device is used for fast resetting of replacement snares after a catch. (not barrel swivel style)

We recommend the use of a swiveled extension cable on each and every Alberta Powersnare with the addition of a 5' or 6' replacement snare.  After a catch, the replacement snare is cut off the extension cable and a new snare is threaded onto the extension cable and snare is reset.  Very easy, very fast, very effective.  

Choose length of extension cable per ground conditions at snare sites.  7' Extensions are for relatively open floor conditions, 5' are for general/moderate to open understory, 4' and 3" extensions are for more dense brush understory/conditions.  

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF WIRE IN PLACE OF AND EXTESION CABLE.  Wire can easily stress and is prone to breakage by moose and other high value game as well as livestock. Cable being much more durable will hold your non-target long enough to give your BAD the best opportunity to function.

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