Lip-Solve 77


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Lipa-Solve 77 A great bio-degradable solvent based product that can handle ANY de-greasing job you may run into. A superior product for adding to your pickle bath; Lipa-Solve 77 has little effect on the pickles PH. This de-greaser is highly concentrated, and REALLY only requires 1oz per gallon!

Degrease bath: Lipa-Solve 77


  1. 1oz of Lipa-Solve 77 1/2 lb salt, at 90 degrees initially, per gallon of water. 
  2. Depending on skin, a 3-4 hour minimum in bath, with frequent agitation. For best results, degreasing should be performed AFTER final shaving.
  3. From pickle to degreasing bath, back to pickle overnight, then to tanning steps.


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