Lipa-Solv 55


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Lipa-Solve 55 A highly concentrated degreaser, this surfactant based degreaser can be used as a re-wetting agent in the rehydration bath, or as a stand-alone product in a degreasing bath. Lipa-Solve 55 is also
bio-degradable, but is tough on grease and fat while gentle on the hair!

Rehydration Instructions:  Lipa-Solve 55


  1. For best results warm water not exceeding 90 degrees should be used.
  2. Per gallon of water add ¼ lb of salt, 1 oz of Lipa-Solve 55.  For a natural bactericide use 1 oz Citric Acid per gallon.  Commercial bactericides can be used per manufacturer’s  instruction.
  3. Skin(s) should remain submerged in solution only as long as necessary to rehydrate.  Time will vary depending on how long skin has been dry.  4-8 hours for an average deer but as long as 12 hrs or overnight for a skin dried hard.
  4. Rehydration complete the skin needs to go into the pickle solution.


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