MB-750 Alaskan Wolf Offset


Don't forget these...

MB-750 Alaskan Wolf Offset - Laminated offset jaws. X-HD springs. Finally a coilspring trap that will stand up to abuse by either wolf or cougar that you can actually afford to buy. The MB-750 "Wolf" has the same heavy frame and jaws as the MB-750 "Beaver" plus extra heavy music wire springs and a super heavy-duty wolf swivel with welded rivets coming off the D-ring baseplate. Offset jaws with 3/16" thick X 1/2" wide flat lamination strips are standard equipment. Comes with 5 links of MB #5 XHD chain and a wolf swivel. 7 1/16" inside jaw spread. 7 7/8" outside jaw spread. Laminated 3/8" offset jaws.

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