Bodygrip Trap Support Stands


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Bodygrip Trap Support Stands - The Hottest thing going in Body Grip Supports. Excellent Stability, versatility, and ease of use all in one product. Fits all brands except for Belisle.

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110/120 Bodygrip Support Stand 12"  – Short H-Style support stand for 110/120

110/120”  Bodygrip Support Stand Tall – 110/120 stand with extension handle on one side

160  Bodygrip Support Stand 13”– Short H-Style support stand

220 Bodygrip Support Stand 13” – Short H-Style support stand

280 Bodygrip Support Stand 20”– Short H-Style support stand

280  Bodygrip Support Stand 46” – Tall H-style support stand

330 Support Stand 20” – Short H-Style support stand for 330 size bodygrip

330 Support Stand 46” – Tall H-Style support stand for 330 size bodygrip


 Tall stands may be subject to oversize shipping charges

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