NO BS K.O. K-9 Extreme Coyote Trap – Canadian Jaw


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The K.O. K-9 Extreme Coyote Trap – Canadian Jaw


The ultimate coyote trap used by the top coyote trappers across the continent!


  • 6” inside and 6.5” outside jaw spread
  • The trap is a dogless design w night latch for superior performance
  • Durable black plating/coating is long lasting, trap is ready to set out of box.
  • heavy duty ¼” thick steel frame, heavy duty 5 mm chain,
  • Chain includes 2 JC Conners Rod Swivels, swivels and rivets welded
  • Trap pan is a large 2.25” x 4” unit made of 1/8” steel that sets ¼” below jaw surfaces.
  • The jaws are bolted into place eliminating popped jaws and have ¼” cleanouts at the bottom.
  • Jaws and levers are are also heat treated for superior lock up.
  • Music Wire Springs
  • ¼” Offset Jaw
  • Double Laminated “Canadian Jaw” 1/4” + 3/16” Laminations
  • The spring pins are 3/8” bolts which simplify spring replacement, 4 coil springs held in place with lock nuts



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