Ram Power Snare #1


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Ram Power Snare #1 –  For coyote, beaver, fox, lynx, bobcat, wolverine, raccoon, etc. The Ram Power Snare is a high quality snaring device, a weatherproof device, very humane – kills in minutes eliminating waterheads and chew outs. This is a North American quality made product, springs are top grade steel. 2 feet long when set, 4 feet long extended. Weighs in at 1.75 lbs. Comes with RRS10 (47" of 1X19 1/16" GAC). Replacement snares are also available. Recommended treatement is either trap dips such as Speed Dip, Formula 1, Full Metal Jacket, or spray paint (with sufficient air out time) Use the Ram Lock Plus safety tool to provide protect yourself against accidental firing while setting this device.

Price $33.00 Each

$372.00 per doz   ($31 per unit price)

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