Ram Wolfmaster Power Snare


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Ram Wolfmaster Power Snare

For wolf, cougar, problem bear, wild hogs.
Weighs only 2 1/3 pounds.
Wolfmaster is 28 1/2" long when set .

Comes with one 61” snare. 
Longer arm allows you to make a larger loop, 20" x16".

These are quality made snares.
Very Humane-Kills in minutes.
Weather proof.
No water heads, fur damage or escapes from chew outs.
Springs are top grade steel can be dyed with Speed Dip.
All Ram Power Snares come equipped with one snare, one spring, and full setting instructions. Replacement snares are also available.

Price  $44.00 each

$480 per dozen  ($40.00 per unit price)

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