Readymade Coyote Trap Chain #1XL


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Readymade Coyote Trap Chain #1XL - 48" of #3 coyote chain with a JC Conner shock spring, coyote duty, and a JC Conner Chestnut Ring on the end.  Comes with an extra unattached MB Crunchproof Swivel for you attachment convenience.

Sold per chain unit.

Long chains for coyote have been proven scientifically to be much more humane than short chains for coyote as the captured wild animal is provided some freedom vs being short chained causing the animal significant mental stress in addition to excessive injury from battling the short chained trap in a most unruly manner.  It is important to provide adequate swiveling on the chain as well as a proper shock spring.  Consider staking with a minimum 5' chain.  In addition, you will hold animals better with less stake in the ground.                          - Marty Senneker

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