Senneker-Shock Locks 1/16"

Per Bag

Don't forget these...

The Ultimate Snare Lock. The most aggressive snare lock in existence, sharp teeth, hardened steel, significantly improved design even over the Senneker Lightning Lock.

Made from stamped sheet steel, this lock is not prone to breakage. Locking tip with two very aggressive gripping teeth not only binds against cable like a normal snare lock but also wedges into cable when negative movement is attempted, further compounded by spring pressure. 

Due to the design of the lock, the wedge/arm of the lock pivots 180+ degrees, therefore it is possible to construct the snare with the lock backwards, however a directional arrow has been stamped on the lock. ARROW POINTS TO DIRECTION OF TRAVEL OF LOCK OF CLOSING SNARE. Used correctly, snare lock will lock on two teeth. Used incorrectly snare lock will lock on one tooth. 

The receiving hole of the lock is designed for Breakaway Device useage, to reduce friction of s-hook BAD during opening, due to this new BAD factor to the breakaway device equation, we suggest users to use this lock with our #385 BAD (opens at 240 lbs) for coyote or overcrimp our #265 significantly (210 lb breakaway point when overcrimped) in high traffic non-target. In areas with large under-harvested western coyotes use the #385 as well as in Eastern Canada with the giant eastern coyotes.

Use this lock with the #33 SuperMagnum or #22 Magnum Stinger Kill Spring for the most devastating results ever achieved with a steel self locking snare. 

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