SuperMagnum Stinger Kill Spring Deluxe #33


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SuperMagnum Stinger Kill Spring Deluxe #33

The biggest and baddest of the whole Senneker line of Kill Springs. Use this spring as you would a Magnum spring with the trigger in the 9'oclock position on the spring eyelet. Use the most aggressive lock possible, either a Lightning Lock,  Bridger Sure Hold Camlock with teeth, or a stock Camlock with deeply filed, aggressive teeth or even deep cross hatched teeth. 

This spring causes positive occlusion of the carotid artery, thereby causing the most humane snare death of any snare device in existence. 

Use with the standard #2 Alberta Powersnare Trigger. 

Can be used with the standard Senneker snare setting tool if tool is used carefully so as to not bend the bolts. Position one arm immediately against tool handle on steel nut. Or, the tool may be rebuilt with 1/4 inch bolts or drill screws. Consider welding screws in place.

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