TruBond 1000


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TruBond 1000 Simply the best taxidermy paint-on tan your money can buy.  Precision blended with
the finest synthetic tan and oil blend.  This product delivers superior stretch with virtually no drumming
or pulling of the mounted skin.  Like all TruBond product, it is low odor, safe and easy to use.

Tan Application:  TruBond 1000


  1. Skin should be free of excess moisture.
  2. With the properly prepared skin on a flat surface, skin side up.  Liberally apply TruBond 1000 to the entire skin.  Example: 12 ozs of TruBond 1000 is enough for a XXL whitetail cape measuring 8”X22”X24”.
  3. Let the tan soak for 2 hours.


Option #1:  The skin can then be folded skin to skin, placed in a plastic bag and sweated overnight in a refrigerator.  Then freeze or mount.

Option #2:  Hang the skin to dry completely.  Rehydrate in a solution of ¼ lb. salt and 1 oz. degreaser per gallon of warm water.  Then freeze or mount.


  1. Before mounting a light wash is recommended.  Use a handful of salt with bit of degreaser Wash and rinse.


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